Monker keeps loading

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Monker keeps loading

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I am trying to view the preflop ranges but my Monkerviewer keeps loading forever, even if I import only one (like 6-way). I wonder if I am doing something wrong (did watch the tutorial from Thomas). Is there anywhere a tutorial how to 'select just one' at a time? Figured I am probably implementing the instructions wrong. Folder monkerviewer is selected, then I click login. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Monker keeps loading

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Try loading in a 3-way solve forst to see if you've set it up right. Once you can get that to load, swap out the 3-way for any other spot you want to look at.

It does take a long time to load- MV builds the whole preflop tree on a single thread. It's a poorly designed program. I'm working on getting another viewer for the website that will make it easy to look at all the available preflop solves.
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