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Hello, im starting with gtoplus, should i use that option "with 2 bets left get the money in smoothly"? Im afraid that it mess my simulations.
Another point, in some simulations that solver show 3 sizes like 30% small size 31% medium size 32 big size, what can we do to simplify that tree?
I start with 25bbs 40bbs 60bbs, can you give me any tips about sizes? Can i use only 33% and 70% or we have a lot of 50% size on flop? And about turn, should i use 33% 50% and 75% or some of this sizes arent used frequently?
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Re: GTOplus

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Hey, just joined. Sorry you didn't get a reply here!

Not a pro, but here's what I'd suggest. I believe that "get the money in smooth" uses geometric bet should use that! This prevents you from betting like 125% pot on turn and only having 40% pot on river. Instead, you bet the same pot ratio twice (like 80% pot turn, 80% pot river).

Building your tree is an artform and I'm not an artist :). I'd say you should experiment with different trees. I have been experimenting with flop solves with a 33% and 66% bet sizing, as well as with just a 33% and just a 66%. Often times there is very little difference in EV when you simplify.

On turns, I'd got bigger, like 66%-75% for one sizing, and an overbet like 110%-125%. River is same. You can add a small bet in if you want, but trees get bigger.

I usually just use a 50% pot donk or raise (so just default 50% bet sizing), but at some point I'll look more into those parts of the tree to see if there is anything to be gained by looking at more branches.
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