missing combos in dynamic viewer

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missing combos in dynamic viewer

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I'm having a hard time creating usable 4B strategies from the LJ vs HJ 3B in the 100BB OCE Range Set

* LJ RFI Total => 18.44% 244.5 combos
* Say I choose Next Action in Game Tree as LJ Raise 50% POT (2.25 BB) at Freq 27.40%
* After that I choose HJ Raise 70% POT (6.45 BB) at Freq 2.97%
* When I copy the ranges individually for FOLD, CALL, RAISE ranges and add them up I get =>
FOLD 86.7 Combos
CALL 73.8 Combos
RAISE 48.3 Combos

Shouldn't the total number of combos (including all FOLD + CHECK/CALL + RAISE options) equal the same amount of combos as the LJ RFI Combos of 244.5? There are 35.7 combos missing. I understand that the missing combos might be b/c of the mixing of sizes for the LJ RFI, if that's the case how am I able to produce 4B/Call vs 3B charts that are useful.
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